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Eagle Brakes - Wheelchair Locks


  • $200.00

Eagle Wheelchar Brake / Lock

Taking brakes to the next level are the new TGT Brakes.

  • The material of lever & pole & linker… aluminum alloy with metallic surface finish.
  • The pivot & bolt & pin… is stainless so doesn’t oxidized like steel alloy bolt.
  • The every single piece of eagle brake is made by precise CNC machine.
  • In order to show nice and smooth surface quality, it is made with state of the art special cutting-tool.
  • The all of edges surrounding parts is radius that provide a comfortable touch.
  • In order to provide smooth mechanical motion, we use the special high duty grease on the engaged surface.
  • Ribbed tyre edge to enhance grip and locking.
  • Sold in Pairs

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