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Dezziv Brakes - Anti Roll back Brakes


  • $450.00

Move around completely independently thanks to the anti-roll block that prevents you from rolling backwards whilst still be able to push forwards.

Have a look at this brake in action - Demo Dezziv Brake -You Tube

The anti-rollback, facilitates and enables wheelchair users to move independently on ramps and stairs. It is suitable for all wheelchair users, paraplegics, tetraplegics, people with multiple sclerosis, dementia, overweight, and others.

·        Forward moving on the slope with your assistants

·        Independent moving forward on the slope

·        Backward moving on the slope with assistants

·        Independent moving backward on the slope

·        Starting off forward on the slope

·        Starting off backward on the slope

·        Climbing the stairs with assistants

·        Climbing the stairs independently

·        It replaces the standard brake

·        With brake lining, which can be replaced

·        Push or pull the activation mode

·        Applies to electrically driven wheels of a wheelchair

·    Handbikes: Solves the problem of slipping the drive wheel! Automatically brakes the wheelchair and prevents it from unwanted moving backward.

·        Great assist not only for the wheelchair user but also for and assistants.


Choose from either the :


Clast First - designed for normal everyday users, 

·        Brake for simply everyday usage.

·        For usage in pneumatic tires.

·        Brake wheel made from Polyethylene.

Top First

Brake for more demanding users in more demanding conditions of use.

·        Possible choice of the color (black only) of handle and adjustable force for switching lever.

·        Replaceable brake lining from strengthen neoprene for use in dry & wet conditions.

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