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About us

At Wheelability we are all about Making Life Easier. Wheelability is an online business focusing on providing choice and an easier shopping experience to those people that need the use of a wheelchair. Steve Mollison the founder is also a wheelchair user who suffers like a lot of users of not having the time or mobility to go to multiple disability stores to see what was the latest and greatest in the wheelchair world. brings together the top products for wheelchairs from around the world and makes them easily available via  simple online user interface to the wheelchair user Whether it be a new set of  tyres or the worlds lightest carbon fibre wheels, casters, suspension forks and cushions Wheelability looks to provide those and much more at affordable prices online..



We also provide the benefit of multiple types and variations and colours of each product so that you can compare and select the one that will best suit your needs and budget. All this with the added bonus and convenience of having the product delivered directly to your door to make life easier.



Wheelability is based in Melbourne Australia but we ship products in from around the world and constantly tapping into the latest advances in wheelchair technologies that focus on making life in a wheelchair easier. So from all of us here at Wheelability enjoy browsing on our online store we hope you find what you are looking for.




The Wheelability Team