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How often should I check my tyre pressure?

Posted by Steve Mollison on

When you get your first wheelchair, you probably had no idea you need a good pump to go with it. In fact, it took a kind soul at sporting event I was at that pointed out that the 60 psi I had in my tyres might not be the fastest until I realised the importance of inflation!

A good pump is a very useful investment for any wheelchair user.. 

How often you need to pump your tyres depends upon how far your travelling the more active you are in a chair means more regular pumping – but they will go down over time even if you spend your time on the couch.

The ‘correct’ range of PSI for your tyres will be written on the sidewall. If you’re a lighter rider, or it’s wet, stick to the lower end of the spectrum, whilst if you’re a heavier rider, you should stay closer to the top end of the scale.

Next time you pump your tyres to the ‘right’ pressure, give them a good squeeze, and get used to how squishy, or non-squishy, that feels. In time, you’ll get used to this and be able to identify when your tyres need a little boost on feel alone.

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