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The Surge Handrim with Gripton Strip by Outfront


  • $570.00

The Surge: Simple and Elegant, Experience the Surge with Gription

Surge Benefits and Features:

  • Lightweight, all-in-one single component.
  • Gription Strip improves traction on every push.
  • Oval shape comes in two sizes to fit the hand.
  • Smooth side surface means no-burn braking.
  • Close-in mount or wide mount options.
  • Fits on all wheel sizes from 20" to 26"

The Gription Strip is a rubber strip that goes all the way around the top surface of the oval handrim. It is a high friction strip that provides a grippier propulsion surface. The grippier surface is particularly helpful when going up ramps, hills, or when traversing difficult surfaces (e.g., like deep-pile carpeting). The remaining surfaces of the oval (the side surfaces) are hard anodized in black to provide a smooth braking surface.


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