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ROHO - HARMONY™ Cushion Cover Only

ROHO - HARMONY™ Cushion Cover Only


  • $180.00


The HARMONY™ cushion from The ROHO Group is a lightweight and stable cushioning solution. By combining a lightweight and comfortable ROHO® AIR FLOATATION™ cushion with a pre-contoured foam base, encased within a moisture resistant cover, you can maximize abilities, independence and freedom without the worry of adding unnecessary weight to the mobility system. Finding a cushion that reduces discomfort, matches the users shape and addresses today’s challenging funding climate, shouldn’t be difficult. Think HARMONY from The ROHO Group.

Features & Benefits.

ROHO AIR FLOATATION Cushion: Reduced Discomfort.

Construction: Specially formulated polyurethane die-cut foam base, polyvinylchloride AIR FLOATATION Cushion Overlay, flame and moisture resistant cover.

Sizes: Wide range, to fit chairs 14x16, 16x16,16x18, 17x16, 17x17, 18x16, 18x18, 20x18 inches.


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