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Invacare - Action 5


  • $2,650.00


The Invacare Action 5 has been designed for the more active user looking for an affordable chair with a great driving performance.

The latest addition to the range, is the Action 5 Rigid chair ideal for active individuals and first-time wheelchair users.

It features an energy efficient, rigid frame to provide effortless propelling giving exceptional manoeuvrability and drive performance in all types of environments.

It’s highly customisable, featuring our patented backrest technology providing stepless adjustments in seat depth, angle and height. In addition, you can adjust the centre of gravity and camber to provide a comprehensive range of specifications that can be finely tuned to achieve the right fit for you.

 Lightest Action wheelchair at 10.8kg

  • Energy efficient frame design
  • Customisable specifications ideal for active individuals
  • Two wheelchair types available; Rigid or Folding
  • Adult or Junior versions
  • Compatible with Alber power add-ons
  • Ten stunning colours

Highly customisable

  • Some on-chair adjustments that can be made to the Action 5 are:
  • Seat depth
  • Seat angle
  • Seat height, front and rear
  • Backrest angle
  • Backrest height
  • Length of footrests
  • Armrest height

Available options and accessories

  • Adjustable centre of gravity and camber
  • Range of swing away legrests and legrest options
  • Range of armrests including a swing away and removeable armrest
  • Range of adjustable push handles
  • Anti-tipper
  • Wide selection of front castors
  • Lightweight mudguards

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  • Comes in Ridge or Folding format - pricing starting at $2650

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