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TORX key & wrench set long 9 piece

TORX key & wrench set long 9 piece


  • $18.95

    • COLOUR-CODED - quickly find the right size thanks to the colorful wrenches.A textured slip resistant surface for an easy grip even with oily and dirty hands.
    • MATERIAL - High quality chrome vanadium steel.The high quality steel will achieve a high degree of dimensional accuracy,durability and resistence of the hex wrenches.
    • TEMPER PROOF DESIGN- Trox Star Keys are designed with  temper proof for multi-functions. 
    • REDUCES FATIGUE - L-handle helps to tighten or loosen fasteners more quickly and easily.
    • LONG ARM- That up to 23cm provides extra reach and greater torque,reduces fatigue.
    Pack Includes:
    9 Temper Proof Trox Star Keys:
  • T10,
  • T15,
  • T20,
  • T25,
  • T27,
  • T30,
  • T40,
  • T45,
  • T50.

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