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Standard Wheelchairs

Looking for a wheelchair that’s best for hospital and home use? Wheelability got your back! Our standard wheelchairs are foldable and conveniently storable in cars. 

We’ll provide you with a standard wheelchair with an armrest that is entirely cushioned and immobile, has grips that are rubberised for ease of movement and tried-and-true durability and manoeuvrability. 

A standard wheelchair, as opposed to a transport chair, is built to support longer journeys and allow for self-propulsion. It is a great alternative if you need to be able to move your chair independently of a loved one or caregiver. These chairs nearly always have two large, rear-mounted wheels that the user can move by hand. These units are very easy to store, and every type we sell can be folded to accommodate the user's chair into smaller places. 

Get the best range of Invacare standard wheelchairs for sale here at Wheelability.