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Sports Wheelchairs

Do you have a sporty loved one with a disability that needs a wheelchair for mobility? No biggie! Wheelability provides speedy handcycle wheelchairs, so nobody doesn’t get left behind. 

Every athlete is different, therefore it's critical to have racing chairs and sports wheelchairs that are tailored to fit them and meet their needs. Wheelability’s selection of high-end, custom sports wheelchairs and programmable racing chairs are created to maximise one’s performance in wheelchair sports of all levels, including basketball and tennis. You can focus on your game, your goals, and your triumph because you can be confident that it has been designed to maximise your capabilities. 

Handcycling is a terrific way to have fun, stay in shape, and stay active so you may live life to the fullest. The ideal add-on to turn your standard manual wheelchair into an electric wheelchair is this handcycle wheelchair! 

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