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Rear Wheels

Following an injury or illness, rehabilitation is crucial to help people recover, maintain, and increase their abilities and enable them to function in daily life. 

Wheelability is aware that physical and cognitive abilities may be the focus of recuperation. To match your demands, we provide a variety of wheelchair rear wheels. With our well-liked, trendsetting, and highlighted items, we hope to improve your day-to-day activities and overall quality of life. Our online stores offer equipment for people recovering from an accident, trauma, major surgeries, serious infections, developmental impairments, chronic pain, especially neck and back pain, and the adverse effects of medical treatments. 

In your physical therapy or rehabilitation treatments, our wheelchair wheels will help you regain your freedom. Exercise bands, balls, tubing, balance and total body conditioning devices, strength training, lower extremity exercise, mobility aids, cardio equipment, upper extremity training, and other rehabilitation equipment are all part of our extensive inventory. Our international suppliers and vendors offer wholesale wheelchair rear wheels at fantastic discounts because they understand that different people have various rehabilitation goals and require different wheelchair rear wheels. 

To find your preferred equipment from well-known manufacturers and begin the path to freedom and recovery, browse through our featured wheelchair wheels here at Wheelability: