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24 x 1 (25-540) Primo ‘Sentinel’ Puncture Resistant


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24 x 1 (25-540) Primo ‘Sentinel’ Non-Marking Black Tyre. 3mm Orange Puncture Protection

Versatile, low rolling resistance and durable – The Primo Sentinel is a “No compromise” tyre that combines the attributes of a high performing, lightweight tyre with the strength of a puncture resistant tyre.

The combination of a dual layer nylon casing and a 3mm LDP anti-puncture insert creates the most advanced tyre in the Primo range. The insert prevents long term debris accumulation with its high rebound characteristics, while maintaining the integrity of a lighter rolling, longer lasting tyre. These advancements strengthen the sidewall and surface of the tyre, and make up the core of Primo’s flat guard technology.

The Primo Sentinel is a non marking black tyre with a grooved tread pattern that provides premium traction, while minimising rolling resistance.



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