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Invacare® Matrx® Elite TR


  • $915.00

Exceptional comfort and support

The Invacare® Matrx® Elite TR is specially designed for use in manual or power tilt only or tilt/recline applications. It includes an extra layer of SuperSoft foam for improved immersion and comfort, and full support across the shoulder area.

Features & Benefits

 Back Shell:

 Stylish, durable aluminum shell incudes contoured support in shoulder area, slotted for lateral support hardware attachment.


Oversized cover featuring SuperSoft HR foam layered over firm HR foam for comfort and protection. Attractive Meshtex cover is water resistant and breathable

Sacral/lumbar support:  Includes removable positioning pad

“Easy Set” hardware installs and adjusts in minutes – all adjustments can be made with user seated in the wheelchair. Other hardware styles may be substituted for unique mounting applications – Split, Fixed Space Saver, Extended Range, as well as many versions specific to power wheelchair applications including ESR Mount.

Headrest Adapter  Headrest adapters are included on all Elite backs ≥ 15”W and ≥ 14”H. Required for easy, durable and safe mounting of headrest hardware, provides offset for clearance of foam overlap.

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