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Hatch - Wheelchair/Cycle Gloves w/ LiquiCell Half Finger


  • $68.85

Any time your hands come into contact with another object, there is pressure, friction—and shear stress. Often, it is severe enough to cause pain and, potentially, real harm.

Hatch® ShearStop™ wheelchair gloves incorporate the remarkable LiquiCell® technology, an innovative combination of low-viscosity fluid with strategically placed seal points that control the flow of the liquid. It reduces discomfort associated with prolonged contact between the body and another object, reducing skin friction and soft-tissue shear stress. The result: greater comfort and reduced chances of injury.


Remember, no two hands are alike. Finger length relative to palm size is not constant from person to person. Additionally, what constitutes a comfortable fit can vary considerably between individuals. Using the method below will help you to find an approximate glove size, but no method of measurement can substitute for actually trying them on.

Glove Sizing ChartHand Tape


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