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Non Padded Belt


  • $85.00

Economical non-padded belts

Our most basic belt, the Bodypoint Non-Padded Belt features our proprietary webbing that is soft against the skin, yet stiff enough to easily thread through end fittings, due to its special weave and weight. Non-padded belts can be used with our Slip-On Pads to increase comfort. If the belt is intended for use throughout the day or for positioning as opposed to comfort, we recommend a 2 or 4-point padded belt.

Hip Belt Size

Small - 1' Webbing

Medium - 1.5' Webbing 

 Large - 2' Webbing 

Large - Ext 2' Webbing - Extended

Buckle Types 

Push Button
Plastic Side Release
Rehab Latch
XS Metal Push Button



Pull Style

Center Pull

Rear Pull

Dull Pull



Flat Mount  
Cinch Mount



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