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Topolino - Carbon Core WX2.5 wheelchair wheels - one of the worlds lightest wheelchair wheels


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The Carbon Core WX2.5 wheelchair wheels are born from advanced composite construction and continuous carbon fiber spokes. These amazingly light wheels also have excellent stiffness – to achieve a new level of responsiveness, ease, and control. For the ride of your life. Every day.
The World’s Lightest Wheelchair Wheel Representing the culmination of over 25 years of experience in innovative design, the CarbonCore WX2.5 is the world’s lightest wheelchair wheelset. Utilizing the technology developed from Topolino’s high performance bicycle wheels, the WX2.5 combines strength and durability, at an incredible light weight.
  • More Efficient. WX2.5 wheels roll more easily and are easier to push. The reduced effort means increased mobility with reduced fatigue.
  • Healthier. Smooth and easy rolling significantly reduces stress on arms and shoulders, a common source of repetitive motion injury among wheelchair users.
  • Easier to Use. WX2.5 wheels are easier to transport. Removing or breaking down a wheelchair often involves awkward lifting and arranging. The CX2.5’s light weight makes transitions and storing easier, while enhancing independence and mobility.
While Topolino wheels are some of the lightest available anywhere, it is achieve through advanced materials and design, not by reducing the number of spokes or using thin flimsy components. Topolino use a full complement of 20 spokes, coupled with robust hubs and rims to build their wheels. And long before a Topolino wheel is ever offered to the public, it must pass a litany of durability tests, both its test lab and out in the field. Topolino wheels have proven themselves to be exceptionally strong and durable and are designed for everyday use.
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